FREE MASTERCLASS: 5 Secrets of Scaling Your Recruitment Business to 7-8 Figures
Discover how to focus on the right strategies in your recruitment business to double your sales, increase team billings and reclaim your work-life balance!

Let’s Scale Your Business Fast.
In This Masterclass You’ll Discover:
  •  The step-by-step game plan our clients are using to build a 7 or 8 figure recruitment businesses that gets financial freedom, balance and smashes their sales records without having to work harder, win more clients and have huge teams of recruiters.
  •  The simple controversial tweak our clients are using that breaks sabotaging habits and turbo-charges their success.
  •  The real reason why working harder, driving more business and hiring more staff is actually blocking most people’s success… and how our clients are able to tap into their flow to make success happen practically effortlessly.
  •  Why the 360 Model is dead and the new way our clients structure their teams so hiring good people becomes a piece of cake AND gets people contributing to bottom line from week 2…
  •  And how they manage to do all of this with the same passion and motivation they had when they started their business without the headache of having to micromanage their team.
Presented by Nicky Coffin
Nicky is founder and MD of Centred
Excellence. She has helped Recruitment Business Owners, Directors and Senior Managers all over the world to grow their businesses to 7 and 8 figures, serving clients from the heart in a community of trust and sharing.
Don’t Just Take Our Word For It
We quadrupled the business overnight in terms of the activity and doubled our sales in 6 weeks.

Sales were poor, we were heavily relying on one particular client at the end of each year. There was no structure or flow in the business. We were at the rock bottom when I came on the programme and I didn't see a way through. 

Since working with Nicky and Katy I've seen absolutely fantastic results in six months. Just a few simple tweaks quadrupled the business overnight in terms of the activity and doubled our sales in 6 weeks.   

This has made such a difference at home. I'm less stressed, I'm sleeping better. And the team, there's a big team spirit now where there's a lot of positivity in the office.

Dawn Turbitt

KSB Recruitment
It is worth everyone trying the RockIT programme. I have belief now that we can do this. My accountant keeps telling me I should reduce this year’s target. I keep telling him, no, we have this, I know what I am doing. He doesn’t understand!

Myself and my husband, who also works in the business, are both coming on the next RockIT programme, because he's seen what I've done. He’s seen how it's changed me for the better.

He wants some of what I've got. Rather than me helping him with areas, he wants to do it himself. I recommend the programme to anybody. I think you come on it thinking, I'm going to be the only person who's struggling, the only person who's got a failing business." You actually realise to a certain degree that nobody invests in a programme like RockIT if they've got a perfect company. You just don't. It's worth everybody trying it.

Jessica Marshall

Founder and Owner of Absolute Solutions Group
It’s been transformational for me, helping me step up. 

In fact, the way I used to work and run the business is unrecognisable. The team have helped me introduce processes that work and are easy to manage. More importantly they have taken me on a journey of self-discovery and learning, reminding me of my purpose and squashing unhelpful limiting beliefs. The emotional support, guidance and expert advice is on tap and the expertise you gain from group members is invaluable too.

I have never come across a programme quite like it. They’re not just super smart and supportive people who run it but great fun too. In fact, I could have just written two words – game changer.

Sarah Leembruggen

MD – The Works
The value of working with Nicky & Katy has been priceless, personally and financially

When I came on this course, I've been in the industry 21 years.There was a big difference for me between being a big and great consultant to being a business owner and growing the business that I wanted it to be. Before I came to this course, my business was like a job (and a one of the worst jobs because I was everything: the resourcer, the consultant, the salesperson, the manager, etc).

Through working with Nicky and Katy I got a structure, a community, network, mentoring. I've met some fantastic people, I've got hundreds of years worth of knowledge.

Some of the big wins that I've got so far would be doubling our average fee for one client, changing our business model from contingency to retained, which stopped the cashflow roller-coaster. The value of that personally, as well as financially, I think is priceless.

Steve Eley

Fire & Security Careers
We've increased our fees and the number of roles we are now able to fill.

We've been established three and a half years, we are growing steadily, but I wanted some expert help to scale the business and ensure that our processes, our systems, everything in the business is as good as it possibly can be.
Since being on the programme, we've had a fee increase. We have refined the roles that we're working on, which will improve the fitability of the jobs. We negotiate much better with the clients that we're working on. The team are benefiting from an improved knowledge on my part and sharing the information with them.

Emma Warren

Elite Staffing
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